Do you want your app to go viral?

Well, who wouldn’t? However, the golden age of the App Store where you could just develop an app and people would instantly download it, is over. The App Store is swamped with apps, more than 1 million now, and the number is increasing every single day.

How does your app stand out from the crowd? Realize if it isn’t a totally revolutionary idea, then your app has a good chance of joining the graveyard of unknown apps.

Go back to the time where you dreamed up your app idea. How great did it feel imagining yourself trashing your 9-5 job, flipping off your boss while saying ‘I QUIT’. Racing home to order a 3 week get away. Oh yeah, now you would be traveling to exotic places, swimming in the warmest clearest oceans and eating lavishly in expensive restaurants. And while you are living it up, completely free from all worries, your bank account would explode from all the money just pouring in from the App Store.

And then the brutal reality kicks in, when the first day of sales generates 7 downloads, mostly from friends and family. Your app might have seemed like a killer idea in your mind, but only a few are aware of its existence. Oh, the disappointment, the money and time wasted, the dreams that were, has been crushed

But wait, you can actually still attain that dream. Here is how; To have a successful app you must market it well, just posting it in the App Store won’t cut it. You will need to market it outside of the store, generate a buzz around it and get people to talk about it, to desire it.

“Where do I start and how do I do it?” Well app marketing takes a lot of time, knowhow and effort. You can spend months sitting in front of your computer, TRYING to figure out how to effectively market your app online, while competitors are popping up all over, taking a big chunk of your customers.

Or you can take advantage of our offer and get us to do all the hard work, while you can sit back and see your app skyrocketing through the charges.

We will use the most effective marketing tool known to man: videos. We will create a high impact video. It will be custom made using high quality audio and engaging graphic and it will have that viral edge which strikes a chord with your niche.

Once we have created it for you, we will then blast it throughout the web making it spread like wildfire. Finally, we will also give you an easy step-by-step instruction in how you can further market your app yourself.

• The first thing we do is clearly define your target market. All effective marketing campaigns hits a nerve, so in order be successful with our campaign we must first define it and then aim our guns at it.

• Once we have our customer profile created, then it’s creation time. Script+Audio+Video. Here we will also do research in order to locate where your niche hangs out online.

• Finally, once our high impact video is ready we will ignite our viral firestorm. We will blast the web with your new viral video, using our in-house strategies, and not only that; we will also show you EXACTLY how you can further market your app long after we are finished.

Whether you are about to launch your app or it is already in the store, get in contact with us today and together we will skyrocket your success. Hurry up though, since we are only able to handle a few clients each month,spots fill up quickly.